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The only person who is able who decide which strategy works better for you and your gaming style is yourself. However, as an advice for beginners, I’d say that the best thing to do when you play online roulette is trying to observe first. Place lower bets, that could bring you low profits, just to pay attention to the game.

Also, don’t go from the beginning for high pots, and don’t apply pro strategies if you haven’t gained too much experience with this online casino game. The best strategy for beginners would be betting on red and black.

If you bet on red and black in online roulette you have a 50% chance of winning from the start. Instead, if an inexperienced online roulette player would bet from the beginning on a certain number, the odds of winning would be minimal.

Pay much attention to which color has land the ball previously in a row. I’ve you notice that then it would be easier to predict whether if you should bet on red or on black.

For example, you see the ball has stopped on the red color three times in a row; it’s unlikely next time it will stop on red once again. But, if the ball has landed twice on black and then on red the chances are once again 50% – 50%.

Another good betting option when it comes to online roulette that works the same way is betting on odds/evens. Or, just bet on consecutive numbers until you make a hit. Once again, anticipation is the key.

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