Is online roulette rigged?

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Gamblers, it’s time to embrace the technology and leave behind the old days when betting could be (legally) possible in land based casinos only! Let’s use what today’s technology is offering us in our advantage and adjust to online gambling!

Roulette is one of my favorite casino games. It’s the origin of all other gambles, it’s the beginning of the casino industry, and it’s the most common and easy-to-bet-on casino game. So, if you are not familiar yet with betting online yet, even if it does not make much of a difference compared with betting in land base casinos, it’s advisable you start with an easy game like roulette.

So, I am going to present you some of the best roulette strategies that work when you play online that will help you out a little, but, first, let’s see what’s going on with the online roulette. Many gamblers, who haven’t played online too much so far, still doubt if gambling online is safe or not, and they wonder if online roulette is fixed or not. Let’s start off by destroying all the myths linked with this fact.

This is the biggest concern that stops players from trying out playing casino games online. In reality, there’s no major difference between the two, although betting from your home might seem completely different than doing the same thing in a casino.

Online roulette, just like land-based casinos roulette, or any other gamble at this point, was made to bring a big profit to the casino, or online platform, in or case. However, that does not mean you can not win it. When it comes to casino games,15% of your efforts put in your action is pure luck, and the other 75% MUST be strategies.

Now, it’s true that those roulette wheels, no matter if you find them online, have a certain working system, that will set a certain random number, so, it’s mostly about anticipating what the roulette system is most likely to choose, not exactly on anticipating where the ball should land, or on betting on your birthday’s date, and other superstitions.

So, let’s get straight to the point: online roulette is not rigged, but the casinos where you play must have sort of an advantage in front of you. It all depends on the house edge and on the RNG used by the online casino game.

Online roulette wheels, just like other online games, are verified and kept under control. This action occurs both in players’ interest, but also in the interest of the online gambling platform. However, a virtual casino, which is licensed and regulated, could pay you just as much as a land-based one. In casino games, especially roulette, everything it’s all about mathematics. Know your odds and bit them!

To conclude with this chapter, online roulette, nor any other online casino game, is not rigged; you just need to pay attention to your playing mode.

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