About me

When you take advice from someone, you must first know where you get it from! So, get introduced to our friend and author, who loves roulette probably just as much as you do or even more.

Cole Adams is in charge of the content of this online roulette website. He is the professional gambler that will give advice for beginners and that could guide them until they rich the next level. Having years of experience behind in gambling, both online and in land-based casinos.

Roulette is our guy’s specialty; so, this website started off from a simple idea: why not share what we know with others who don’t have too much experience yet? The only focus we have here is offering tips for beginners, and help others trough when it comes to online roulette. All that we hope in return is for the content of our website to be of use to as many players as possible.

Adams will focus mostly on proposing entry-level strategies and presenting to the new players some relevant facts and advice on how to win when playing online.

We hope you’ll enjoy reading our thoughts, and we expect suggestions from you all, regarding more possible topics, or other online roulette questions you might have!